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Diesel indirect heater 26kw

space heater indirect diesel

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Product Information

Tool Diesel insirect heter 26kw
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Description The ID 100 DV is an Indirect Fired diesel heater is designed for use in places with limited ventilation or if you need heat in an area that has combustible material close by. The ID 100 DV will deliver huge volumes of safe, dry, fume - free heat. All our heaters are Tested to the highest safety and reliability standards.The ID 100 DV runs on 110 or 240v power supply
Safe and easy to use 12.9 hours heating on one 65 ltr tank
Robust construction Very reliable
Quiet operation Fume free
Economical Totally portable
Runs on low cost fuel Delivers large volumes of warm air
Consumables Diesel fuel
Safety Equipment
Instructions full working and safety instructions are attached to the machine