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Laser Level c/w tripod & detector

laser level

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Product Information

Tool Laser Level c/w tripod & detector
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Description Automatic rotary laser with rapid self-levelling in the horizontal plane.
Vertical plane alignment on adjustable floor mount.
5 operating modes - spot, receiver, 2-stage scan, 90° reference points, plumb beam and slope (single grade).
Manual slope feature, (requires Angle Mount accessory).
Dustproof and splashproof.
Transport securing device.
5/8in mounting thread on laser and floor mount.
Factory test certificate.
SensoCommander 310 IR remote control/receiver with optical and acoustic displays
Universal staff mount with level.
Rechargeable battery pack and charger.
Spare battery holder for C type batteries.
Kit complete with remote control/receiver w/staff mount, wall/floor mount, rechargeable battery pack, battery charger, C battery holder, instructions and carrying case.
Safety Equipment
Instructions full working and safety instructions are attached to the machine